Cardio calamities

If you’re spending hours on end in the gym or pounding the pavement, yet you still don’t seem to have reached your goal, maybe you’re making some of these mistakes.

  1. Not fuelling up – getting up and out there is a great way to start the day and to make sure you get your exercise in, but, if you aren’t fuelled up for a long run or hardcore gym class or session, then your body is using up protein stores to keep you going. That means it’s using the energy needed to create lean muscle. Either do a light cardio session if you can’t face eating early or have a least a banana or granola bar (carb based snack) before you head out so your body can use it’s preferred fuel (Carbs) which will help you work out better.
  2. Keeping it fun and varied – hating what you do at the gym isn’t going to keep you motivated. Try out classes, get a programme written specifically for you and tell the trainer what you don’t like so they can find an alternative. Keep your body guessing with regular changes to your workout.
  3. Pay attention to what you’re doing – why turn up to the gym and sit on a bike for an hour reading. You won’t be paying attention to your technique, let alone if you’re actually working hard enough. Yes an hour of light cycling is better than sitting in the pub reading with a drink, but if you are focused on what you’re doing you could do it in less time.  A 20 minute more intense workout would boost your heart rate, burn fat and still allow you time to sit and read AFTER you’ve been to the gym (it’s your recovery – just don”t undo your hard work). You’re also less likely to fall off the treadmill……yes it does happen!
  4. Changes – to see changes you have to make changes. Mix up your routine, from your walks or runs outside, to the weekly classes and gym sessions – it all keeps your body guessing and therefore working harder, which is what will give you results.