Boost your workout

Feeling a bit bored with your workout? Or feeling like it’s not working quite as well as it did? What about changing the intensity and how you plan? Simple changes like music (create a new soundtrack) or planning a workout in a different order could be all it takes.

What about hitting free weights instead of the usual machines?  It changes your posture and makes you work more muscles! Try different training systems (superset instead of the basic – eg. reps of biceps and triceps back-to-back rather than one then the other), or adapt the weight/rep range, maybe add in explosive movements such jump squats/lunges, create your own circuit (or attend a class). Working at a higher intensity for shorter periods of time can be much more effective – for cardio or weight training.

Depending on your experience, there are many more options, concentrate on what you’re working on, squeeze the muscle and hold it before you release it, do giant sets, train to failure (so you can’t lift one more time), reduce your rest time between sets/intervals and if you’re still stuck – get some advice from a trainer.

Make your workout different each time and you’ll not only see results, but you’ll also enjoy it.