Personal Training

Pre-training assessment:
Before confirming sessions, I like to complete a brief assessment, which includes a health questionnaire, a chat about current fitness levels, likes/dislikes, goals and answer any questions, before I ask you to complete a few basic exercises to help me set the level for your first session.

Personal Training:
Each session includes warm up and cool down/stretches and generally last 45-60 minutes, 30 minute sessions are also available. I can also offer partner workouts as long as both are at a similar fitness level.  A blended in person and online option is available.

Please contact me for further details.


Monthly subscriptions  rates are based on £48 per hour or £26.50 per 30 min session. See below. 

Single sessions are £50 per session.  £48 for monthly subscribers) 

Single 30 minute sessions are £28 per session  (£26.50 for monthly subscribers) .

Partner sessions are £98 per session. 

All sessions to be paid in advance. Blocks of 10 are available. 

Monthly subscriptions – you pay the discounted rate per session(s) per week on a monthly direct debit (paid 1st of every month), there are 4 weeks off (so rate per week x 48 weeks which is then divided by 12 to get your monthly total). Depending on how many sessions you have per week. This enables you to  budget, plan time off and not have to pay out a lump sum for all 10 weeks. One month notice is required to ensure we have  covered all paid sessions but you are not tied into a years contract. 

I mainly work at Teddington Pools & Fitness Centre or their grounds, but also use local parks around Teddington, Hampton Hill and Hampton Wick.  Please contact me for more information.

Terms of business