January fitness goals

When we start each new year, we often make plans to lose weight, run a marathon, or learn a new skill (language, sport, craft) and then we get tired of doing it and give up. I have never been a fan of New Years resolutions, more little challenges. Usually for a short period of time. Effectively SMART goals, specific measurable, achievable, realistic, timely.  For example I chose to run (which i do sometimes) 30miles in one month or complete a 10km in 3 months. Both options are SMART, a little out of my comfort zone when I haven’t run recently, but not completely brand new to me. Easier to stick to as I know they would be completed fairly quickly and I would have a sense of achievement. That said. I haven’t planned my challenges for 2023 just yet…

So start off January slowly, perhaps Pilates is new to you (or you are revisiting it), this plan can he you get started, doesn’t require a gym membership (and there are lots of good options online) and is a gentle way to step into 2023 while you decide on your own challenges.

Happy New Year!