December already!

This year seems to have flown by, and maybe because the C word hasn’t been mentioned much here, we are all out and about more with Christmas plans (no that wasn’t the C word) has made time seemingly fly by. It does also mean that while it’s the season of goodwill to all, we can end up feeling less then merry, more likely stressed,  overwhelmed or tired from work and just not enough hours in the day. So this December, cut yourself some slack.

So you can’t hit the gym hard, attend all the classes you want to AND still fit in family, work and social occasions. Instead focus on getting decent sleep, hydrate (not with too much actual Christmas spirit) and do the odd workout as and when you can to help you feel good (not exhausted). Here’s an at home plan – only six moves – adjust it as you need to, so it can work for your fitness level and time frame. 

The C-word (COVID) of course….lets hope it stays that way!

Merry Christmas to all.