If you always do what you’ve always done…

So you religiously hit the gym, in fact you increased it to every day for an hour or more but you’re not seeing the result you used to – it’s frustrating, de-motivating and makes you want to give up. Well, give up, not permanently, but for a week.

Rest up, take a look at your usual routine and see what you can do to shake it up. If you go to the same classes, and do the same gym routine every week for weeks (let alone months or years!) then your body isn’t being challenged in the same way it was when you first started your training routine. With most classes the routines should change every few weeks, so if you love the class and feel like you got a good work out then keep it, if you don’t – give it up. Try getting a programme written and reviewed frequently for the gym, maybe book some personal training sessions just to help you get back on track.

Work harder not longer. Cut out the stuff you really hate – don’t do the extra spinning class if you can’t stand it. Mix up your sessions with cardio and weights. Don’t stick with it too long. Results will soon come with a few simple alterations – you don’t need to be at the gym/class every single day. And of course – look at your diet! One does affect the other