Couldn’t resist a challenge

After completing my walking challenge last year (and however many others I also took part in), I decided not to do any more for a wile…..Until this week,  I have once again found myself excited to try yet another challenge. A group of us are taking part in the MacMillan Mighty Trek in June – from Brighton to Eastbourne, a 26 mile (hilly) walk. While I know I am fit enough to complete it, you can never be sure how you’ll be on the day!

My last 20 mile walk for charity involved me acting as cheerleader to keep up motivation through rain and illness (one of the group was sick every few miles). We completed it – so assuming all of us are willing and able I am sure we will complete this challenge (though hopefully it will be more fun – less rain – less sickness.

I will keep you posted on our training progress (that’s the bit I like most) and of course the fundraising!