Workplace eating

Eating healthily at work can be tricky, we’ve all been in offices where birthdays, Christmas, Friday, Bank Holiday etc all become a reason for celebration and usually involve food (and not veg sticks). While the social interaction of these occasions is important for morale and team-building, they can cause contention for anyone wishing to avoid the sweet stuff.

Eat breakfast, if you turn up at work hungry, eating whatever is on offer is more likely, take a healthy snack too – you can join in the tea run, but avoid the pastries or cakes by eating your own snack. Or tell colleagues you’re just eaten, but will take one for later (to avoid questions or causing upset) and then bin it, or pass it on. Bringing in lunches and afternoon snacks will also help you keep control over how much you eat in a day.

If you’re eating out with work, check the menu online so you can make a healthier choice before you arrive (and are less likely to be swayed into unhealthy choices), being on the road with work can also be a minefield. Take snacks with you and try to avoid the motorway services (unless you can go to one which offers more than just fast food places).

And sometimes, have that treat, just limit how often or how much. It’s important to have balance and not beat yourself up.