Happy February

I’m happy to see February – it’s a step closer to spring, there are lots of birthdays (in my family) which means celebrations and fun to look forward to. And of course, the days start feeling like they are actually getting longer.

I’ve also completed my latest little challenge – 21 days of no chocolate, crisps or cake. Not that I eat a lot of any of those, but after Christmas it’s so easy to carry on with festive food, I find setting myself a small challenge helps to break the habit.  I haven’t found it hard, and yes I will probably have the odd treat now and again, but I am not craving it and I do feel much better without it. That said,  I do have some chocolate coins in my cupboard which have remained untouched for the duration – they might not stay that way for much longer, but the odd bit of chocolate isn’t going to be an issue.

February also brings the final exam for my diploma, although I have two more courses to do, they are training days and not as intense as completing the diploma. I am looking forward to a bit less study for a while.