June – halfway house

Successfully completed my challenge or resolution for May – having done little or no running for a long time, I set myself the task of running a marathon throughout the month of May.

First few days were fairly easy at 1 mile at a time, then, work and other stuff took over and I wasn’t able to do every day so I upped my runs to 2 miles every couple of days. It was good to note I could do them and not feel sore after! I even did a 3 mile run, only once, but it showed me I could easily add in a bit of running to my weekly routines. Marathon completed. So what next….

I have been undecided about my June challenge, I know I need to work more on my mobility/stretching, so I think June will be about dedicated core/mobility sessions, fitting in 3 a week seems achievable and any extra will be a good bonus. Here goes….