Halfway point

So June challenge was about core work, mostly did it, but I found it hard to keep at the mobility/stretching stuff so that needs working on! We all have something that just doesn’t come to us as naturally as other things. All that means is I need to focus on it a bit more.

Headed into July I decided not to have a strict challenge or resolution, but to take stock of what I have done so far and try to set up a routine that works for me. I’ve increased my water intake, trying to keep up fruit and veg – just not as strictly, there are good days and not so good days! I have got into running again, even going out to the park, which has been a psychological barrier for me and I have got back into my structured weight training session. Swimming is on the cards but not so keen during school holidays.

Heading into August I have decided to up my running to 40 miles throughout August. And a bit of swimming when I can.