April – May challenges

Every month I am setting up a new challenge for myself, I read about this idea on twitter – someone said they would do monthly resolutions instead of trying to stick to one resolution for a year. It inspired me to do the same. So far I have.. attended a new class (Barre – love it – still going), gave up chocolate (have eaten a bit now but still mostly chocolate free!), swam twice a week (haven’t done so much but still going), upped my fruit and veg to 8-10 portions a day (not as hard as you think, will keep this up).

So onto May, I saw lots of running challenges, I used to love running, I got concussion during the the time I was training for a half marathon. Needless to say I never did it, recovery was slow and psychologically running has been a big barrier for me ever since. This month I am running a marathon over a month, so a mile a day with a few days off. So far I am on target! It’s tricky trying to keep up all my training sessions – weight, swim, Barre, Pilates, dance classes plus fitting in work, clients, classes and all the planning needed, but it feels so good to achieve each goal or challenge.

Next up June, half way through my year of challenges…..