Jan-Mar challenges

So it’s been a few months and I have succeeded in my monthly resolutions or challenges, I am already into my plans for April and May, more on that another time. Here is what I have been up to.

January – successful tried out Barre class and now attending most weeks. I really enjoy the slow small moves we do, a very different style to my usual workouts, which challenges me with balance. Highly recommend trying this out to anyone who is looking for something low impact and quite calming.

February – I decided to give up chocolate. I did Dechox, an initiative set up by The British Heart Foundation. I thought it was going to be tough and that I would count down my days until I could eat it again. Yet I haven’t. I have in the last week had a couple of things with chocolate on/in them but not bars of chocolate – even though I have been given some. It just shows how putting your mind to something can really achieve results. I feel good for not using it as a quick fix between classes when I am tired. I sleep better and I don’t really miss it. I am sure I will eat some over Easter, but only if I really want it!

Moving in March – I went back to a fitness challenge, I enjoy swimming when I get on with it, but I slipped out of the habit and kept saying to myself I didn’t have time. So, I made time, twice a week for the month. I have been swimming about half a mile each time and really enjoying the calming benefits of swimming. It has always been my go to exercise when I am stressed. I must keep it up – probably not twice a week every week, but I intend to keep it as part of my overall fitness plan.

And here we are starting April. I decided to go back to dietary choices this month, my aim is to eat 8-10 portions of fruit/veg a day. I have been reading up more on the benefit of eating more than the 5 a day we are often quoted. The governing bodies chose 5 because they thought this sounded more achievable rather than the ideal 7-10 portions. So i thought I would try to reach the higher goal to see how hard it would be. So here goes….