Food planning & preparation

In an ideal world you’d eat healthily most of the time, but when the day runs away with you, reaching for that quick fix is sometimes too tempting and convenient. A bit of food prep can go a long way to help you, put aside a bit of time once or twice a week, it will save you time in the long run. Here are a few ideas of pre-prepared healthy food which could help you stay on track.

Hard boiled eggs, ideal for any time of day, full of good fats and protein, make several so you have them to hand and just peel off the shell when you’re hungry, Breakfast on the run – soak your oats in some milk (oat/almond), or natural/Greek yoghurt – put in a takeaway container overnight, in the morning add some fruit and some seeds (chia is ideal) and off you go!

For handy snacks chop up some veg sticks, put nuts into portion sized bags, or add a piece of fruit – all ready for you to grab on your way out. Don’t forget to keep some water with you – thirst is often mistaken for hunger.

Keep it simple, when you need to buy food on the go, read the ingredients – do you actually know what they are? If you haven’t heard of them why would you put them in your body?  Provide your body with good fuel and it will run well, under or over fuel it and you may end up with problems that will not only stall your fitness goals but could seriously harm your long term health.

Be prepared.