Bad press

While in the gym the other day the news headlines came on the local radio channel. I was bemused and irritated in equal measure, the headline suggested that working hard in the gym wouldn’t necessarily help shift the Christmas excess weight. I was amused because I (and a number of others) were all sweating it out in the gym and irritated because it was a nothing headline. How many people would get the wrong idea and either be derailed or give up when exercising has so many other benefits associated with it.

The news piece went on to say that doing the same hard exercise each time was shown not to make improvements after a while. Well maybe but there is much more behind this that needs explaining. If you follow a programme card at the gym, have personal training sessions or regularly attend classes you will notice that the exercise plan doesn’t stay the same – after a few weeks/sessions you’re encouraged to progress, why? Because your body gets used to the workout and needs to work harder to keep achieving results. Our bodies are clever and need progression in order to improve. Even if you don’t follow a set routine or class you can make changes to your own work out to see results.

If you haven’t yet shed the excess weight and are struggling, I liked Total Diet Food – this diet delivery service has real food, it feels very personal too, catering not just for allergies but unlimited preferences too. Having researched a few, this is the only one I would suggest might help you get your head around portion control while eating a variety of foods (things you might never try yourself) and they understand when you discover something doesn’t work for you (for me it was coconut yoghurt – it was noted and removed from my meal plans). It’s not just weight loss, they offer help with everything from vegan to macro plans.. It is a more expensive option, you could do this for yourself,  but sometimes we need a little help, and if it gives you the reboot to start your healthy eating it could be worth trying it out.