Are you eating enough?

Trying to lose weight? Cutting calories? Sometimes counting calories can help – other people prefer to use portion control. Either way, cut back too far and you may find the weight doesn’t come down.

Scales are not the only measurement you should take – are you losing fat and gaining muscle? Losing inches? All this could be making you healthier without the scales moving at all.

But, if you are not seeing ANY changes at all, perhaps you should consider checking you are eating enough. Yes it may sound counter-productive, but not eating enough could be causing your body to go into starvation mode. Self preservation from times when food really was scarce meant we used to store any food we did eat as fat to ensure survival. We don’t need to do that now – there are food shops open 24/7, however our bodies still work on that system. If we don’t feed it regularly, with good nutrition, then it will store whatever it gets as fat, and it won’t let go until it has a regular food supply… which time you’ve stored up fat and have to work really hard to lose it!

Take a look at these signs you might not be eating enough and make changes to ensure you are looking after your body and not storing excess fat.