Teaching & Learning

I taught my first structured classes this week, seeing my name on the timetable was exciting, but what if I wasn’t any good in a class situation?

Everyone gets nervous their first time at anything……so I expected to feel anxious, I didn’t expect to feel so excited! And I really didn’t expect to feel as confident or  enjoy it as much as I did on my first time. In my previous line of work I had avoided all presentations and tried to make sure that all meetings were inclusive so no one person had to stand out – all so I could avoid being up at the front and having all the attention! Until now…

While I was busy teaching – getting people to follow my lead, watch what I was doing and listen to my instruction, I realised that I had learnt something too. I can do it, I liked it and it wasn’t as scary as I had thought it would be.

Roll on next week.