September/October challenge

I completed my #takebackchallenge2020 challenge, I enjoyed it, but I don’t think it pushed me enough – so I decided to up my game. I ordered (finally back in stock) some kettlebells for some home workout fun. I don’t think I will get much time in the gym for a while, so this will enable me to work on my strength (which has definitely reduced in lockdown). But more than that, I am going to follow a 10k running plan.

I have run more than 10k in the past, a few years ago, I was training for a half marathon, unfortunately I had an accident (not while running or out drinking!), but it caused a concussion and I haven’t been able to face running any real distance since then. So as well as it being a physical challenge (I have only run up to 6km in the last few months), it is also psychological.  And that is why this challenge will run over two – maybe three months. I am expecting it to be tough, mentally more so than physically, so if it takes me a few months so be it.

Are you setting yourself a challenge? Why not join me with this months challenge