October challenge

September challenge ended a week early with over 400 lengths completed (10km). I celebrated with a hair cut and colour! And then decided my next challenge would combine the last two and add in a little extra.

So for October, I am completing a triathlon a week – not that impressive, I am not actually doing a triathlon but each week I will complete a swim, run and a spinning class (or two). Last week I swam 1km, ran 5km and did two spinning classes. It’s a good way of getting cardio done, challenging my body differently and keeping me motivated with the variety.

But that is not the only challenge, I decided to add in some brain work! Each week I am completing a personal development tutorial – these are included in my CPD points which are required to keep my registration as a trainer. They are also very interesting as they aren’t all fitness based, they over business, marketing and coaching among other things.

So two more months to go – not decided those challenges yet!