Happy New Year

January is here, the Christmas decorations are down and the days are grey. So why do we pick this time of year to put pressure on ourselves to be better, work harder, make resolutions or give up something. So this year I am doing what I did last year – a challenge a month, but this year, if I don’t do one a month, I am not going to beat myself up. No pressure.

I am fortunate perhaps that my job encourages a fit and healthy lifestyle (though I am writing this eating chocolate), no one is perfect. I work out regularly, I eat well most of the time, I don’t drink that much and have never smoked. Not because I think that makes me be better than others but because smoking, eating pastries or most other beige food or drinking every week has never appealed to me. I love chocolate coins…..I have probably eaten my bodyweight in them, I have had nights out with plenty of drink and I have enjoyed all the Christmas food, it’s called balance. Now it’s January and I will get back into my usual routine.

My January challenge is to get my physio exercises done each week. I didn’t fit them in as much as I should have done over the Christmas period. I want to improve my ankle mobility so I have to do them! But that is my only challenge, if you are just getting back into (or starting a new) gym programme, here are a few tip to get you started.

And if you are thinking about dieting – here’s an interesting feature I saw which might help anyone thinking about being too strict.