Getting ready for the festive season

It’s just a month to go until Christmas! I love the festive season – the decorations, lights, cheesy movies and yes the festive food and drink too! I also really like how friendly people are, it makes the shorter days less sad.

But for some people all the fun of the festive season is short=lived, come January, we still have shorter, cold, wet days, but none of the cheer to go with it AND to make it worse, overindulging means you can carry some excess baggage……

My advice (to more than one client) has been to be consistent and this study backs it up… By exercising regularly you can balance out a bit of the festive food. It does mean you have put in the work, but with just over a month before the big day, some careful choices on the days you aren’t having your Christmas party and regular exercise you can make January a little less miserable!