Fitting it all in

I seem to work on the basis I have more hours in my day than anyone else…. I know this because my friends are bemused by my ability to fill a day especially when I am not working, and, because I struggle to fit it all in and if/when I do, I am exhausted. Perhaps that’s a new years resolution….

I don’t have a big family or a demanding job, yet I am struggling to fit in my exercise, proper mealtimes, general house and admin stuff, let alone keeping in touch with everyone.  I can only imagine how crazy life would be if I had to fit all that in too. Which makes me think, we are too hard on ourselves. I love a list, mostly with the things I want to achieve for the day/week ahead, It’s satisfying to cross it all off, but, it’s not possible to do everything all of the time.

For the first time in months I had a sick day – didn’t set foot outside my front door, I watched TV, dozed and ordered Christmas presents online. It was bliss – but true to form the next day I was back to the gym, collecting pre-ordered items and completing my shopping – of course, by the end of it all I was shattered……

To keep on track (as much as possible) with my healthy lifestyle, I am preparing simple meals, for a couple of days at a time, saves so much time and means I can eat well. I have also tweaked my fitness routine – for now, swimming is working for me because I am not restricted by class times, I only need to do 30 minutes and as I go first thing, it means I can be showered and ready for the day bright and early. It helps that it clears my mind – which is a great way to start a busy day. Today I noticed a lot of parents in with their kids – good idea to get away from all the chaos of the frantic shoppers.

Find what works for you, a bit of me-time, if possible, will keep you sane and perhaps will help you rethink the to do list.