Festive snacking

As you have probably gathered by now, I like this time of year. So I am always pleased when I can change my snack or cheats to festive ones, here are a few ideas for you.

Can't beat a nakd bar
Can’t beat a nakd bar

I love a nakd bar join them on twitter and #findyourfavourite. I love this Christmas pudding flavour, but also like bakewell tart or rhubarb and custard. Or what about satsumas, I could eat several in one go!

Also found a couple of recipes I think might be worth a try. Take a look here for a list of no bake protein based Christmas pudding, truffle and other favourites.

Or try these Deliciously Ella Gluten Free Mince pies as suggested by Waitrose – it includes nutrition information and the full cooking method for anyone who hasn’t made their own before (like me).

Enjoy the snacks you make or the treats you buy (my guilty pleasure – chocolate coins), just remember to keep it as a treat, and don’t overdo it, Happy snacking!