December challenge

November was dominated by lockdown 2.0. I didn’t do much in terms of a challenge. Though I did sign up to a support group of other instructors and we all encouraged eachother to walk/run/cycle the length of the country. This ensured I kept up my 15k steps a day (and more), in face, we did so well as a group, we are finishing off the last 10 days by travelling the Icelandic loop. Thankfully all i have to do is register the miles i do each day and someone else works out how far round we are!

My water intake is better, but I could do more!

So on to December I have started this 4-week plan, it’s pretty straightforward and can be done at home, I sometimes tweak the exercises as I want more variety, you could do the same. Nothing too complicated, which bearing in mind lockdown is over, is a good idea. With Christmas on the horizon and a little more freedom, I will do this workout but also keep up my steps. Getting outside has been good for me mentally and physically. But I also want to focus on Christmas and lets be honest, who isn’t looking forward to the end of 2020 and hopeful for the new year.

So give this challenge a go, take a week off over Christmas and then start the New Year fresh!