Winter blues

Fed up of winter yet? Thankfully there are signs of spring – flowers, lighter mornings (even at 6am) and longer evenings. Hopefully that also means the cold bugs are also going to disappear. I am sure everyone has (at least once) had a cold over the winter, this year it seems to be a recurring theme.

I have been luckier than some – just had it twice and mildly both times, but for other fellow instructors I know they have missed out on work because of it. We all have our own remedies to ‘shorten’ or ‘kill’ it, Do they work or is it mind over matter? Well this feature offers some suggestions. Maybe worth a try. I definitely agree with a few, like exercising – though it’s important to know when it’s time to rest and when you are well enough to do some gentle exercise.

Here’s hoping spring really is about to be sprung!