September/October Challenge – completed!

My latest challenge was split over two months, it was to train for, and complete, a 10km run. I was already doing a couple of weekly 20-minute runs, and I had got up a good pace for that amount of time. I was easily doing 3km, so I knew I had to take the challenge up a notch. 10km used to be a distance I was confident I could run (or most of it).

However, after a fairly serious knock to the head (another one), I found higher intensity or long duration of exercise could leave me with a migraine and so while i recovered I kept it slow and steady and kept it short.  Slowly I increased my workout intensity, to the point where running intervals and doing HIIT was not a problem physically, but mentally, the idea of running any length of time/distance was a big hurdle. So over the last year I have done a few running challenges, so I decided to take the step. I followed a training plan, this really helped. Three runs a week, 2 small strength sessions and a couple of rest days for 7 weeks.

I didn’t love every run, first few weeks were easy, they were about the length of time i was used to running, but as the weeks went by, I got busier with work, I had to complete longer runs and my legs were tired. It took some perseverance and the odd swapping of days and times of day. But I managed to fit it all in.

The couple of weeks of running were tough! My legs were tight no matter how much stretching I did and I had barely got past 7km before I was into my last week. I had one 30 minute run, a strength session and then rest followed by two days of stretching.

On the run day, the sun was shining, I had eaten well the night before, I woke up before my alarm feeling rested. Everything was aligned! I ate breakfast and got myself ready to go, the first 5km flew by, the next couple were a bit stop start (thanks to a dog nipping at me and negotiating other runners and cyclists! Then I was on the home straight. The last km was pretty easy and I was elated to have completed it. Yes I did walk a bit, not much though and I did it in all in 1hr5mins. Not bad for a distance I hadn’t run for about 8 years!

So set yourself a challenge and get moving towards it.

Now time to think about November….