I read this article which made me chuckle, I am pleased to know I am not the only fitness trainer who surprises people with my food choices sometimes…. And I agree with this feature. I have noticed how people confide in me with their daily eating habits or look at me when they order food from a menu. It does amuse me. Firstly, because I don’t make any judgement on what people eat – if you’ve asked for my support, advice and a programme to help you make better choices, that’s one thing, but if you haven’t – then it’s none of my business – make your choice and enjoy it.

Secondly, if I am out for a meal, it’s usually as part of a celebration, in which case, I will eat the things I want to eat, I will probably have spent all day thinking about it, I will enjoy myself and not feel guilty. I expect everyone else to do the same. I won’t be passing comment on who has what – unless I have food envy….

No one is perfect, not even close, so when I ask clients to give me a food diary (which usually includes a commentary of why they made certain choices), I am not judging their choices, just trying to work out patterns and help them make better decisions. There is no point asking someone to give up favourite foods – who would stick to any plan that was full of food they hated. Not even a professional would.

And I am out for dinner later and I can’t wait……