November challenge

As we head into winter and cold, shorter days, I am spending a bit more time in the gym working out rather than outside.  However, I am halfway through the couch 2 5k. So I will continue running outside but otherwise I am indoors working on strength.

Running isn’t for everyone, not entirely sure it’s for me. I like interval runs (short sprints) but not so bothered by distance. The reason I decided to follow this well known running plan was to build up running to test out my knee. o far so good, however the gym work is helping that too. I have had many clients start this same programme, but now I know why they drop out. For some reason it starts well but then ramps up the running to a level (20+ mins 3 x per week) which  is off putting to many newbies. I advise to repeat earlier weeks until you feel like you can do it fairly easily and add in some strength work to avoid injuries. Unless you have actually scheduled a 5k race in there is no need to rush yourself.

So, if running isn’t for you, and you want to mix things up in the gym, maybe with a buddy, Why not try some of these challenges instead. You could do a different one each session/week to keep it interesting!