Missing Motivation, injury, recovery and Covid

I have been very slack on my website recently, which isn’t a major disaster but it does sum up how I have been about pretty much everything recently. Nothing wrong but not quite right either. It happens to us all, fitness instructors are no different.

I got injured (old ankle injury recurred), then again (dropped a rowing machine and possibly broke a toe), and again (knee, probably over compensating for feet issues) and again (pulled my hamstring badly). I lost my motivation. I lost some focus. Not for my clients or classes, just on me. I loved seeing my clients and class attendees doing so well and feeling fit and strong. I just couldn’t quite get there myself. Then one day things started slowly improving. My mindset was ready for change and time to recover.

Pilates is something I have done before when injured, I started doing some home sessions, then as I felt like the injury was getting better so I decided to attend classes at my gym. Game changer – I actually felt like I worked, I couldn’t do the gym weights sessions but I could do something.

Sports massage I hadn’t been for well over a year and it showed, the first session was painful, I felt rough the next day, but after that everything eased. I continued my Pilates, extra stretching and booked in for another massage. everything was beginning to fall into place.

Food prep something I can be excellent at, but without real motivation, I let it slip, I read an update from a nutritionist  who said they used a delivery service (lionsprep) I signed up, just for three days a week, I now waste less food, have healthy nutritional meals ready for the hectic days and I can still go out or plan my meals for the less hectic days. Another piece of the puzzle fitting into place.

Try something else I often tell my clients this, so I decided to see if I still enjoyed zumba (I do and it hasn’t messed up my hamstring recovery), I also spin once a week and then I decided to test the injury with some running. Not an all out run, but I signed back up to Jillian Michaels app and I am following her 5km run programme. It is all helping me feel like I can see the end of recovery and get back to my normal routine.

And then COVID hit – I have avoided it for over 2 years, I have been super cautious. I test once a week, so when I did my test the other day, I wasn’t expecting the positive result….but there it was, not a faint line, full blown dark lines. Hopefully I haven’t accidentally passed it on to anyone, I feel like I just have hayfever, thankfully I am not ill (and I hope it stays that way). So hitting the gym isn’t back on the cards until next week, however I have a few weights at home, so I have started building up my strength programme again, while also doing some at home Pilates too.

So if you are feeling a bit out of sorts, can’t quite get your mind in the game, or just don’t know where to start, why not contact me for some guidance. Taking advice from a professional will help you reach whatever goal you have. By outsourcing the hardest part for you be it nutrition, fitness or something else, will enable you to focus on the bit you find easier and can do. It will help all he pieces of your puzzle fit together.