Merry (ish) Christmas

2020 has been a year we probably would like to forget. We have spent more time inside, not working, not moving and for some being really isolated from the world. Not the best year.

But some people will have had or made opportunities that they may never have considered before, I, like many others, have discovered the joys of online working….. It has definitely been a steep learning curve. Some highs – like having the time to do online learning and getting two extra qualifications that I am already using, and lows – like the time i accidentally knocked over my TV and laptop while also slicing my hand open during teaching a class, or the time I ended up lying in water to demo because I knocked it over. Overall it hasn’t been too bad, it could have been worse.

So I hope you can celebrate getting through this year, have some down time, recover from the unexpected stress of working from home, losing work, caring for elderly or sick relatives/friends, homeschooling and all the other things we would never have considered a year ago. Be kind to yourself and focus on the year ahead. It will be better than this one…..

Merry Christmas