March challenge

So February didn’t go quite according to plan. I intended giving up or at least cutting back on sugars. Not the natural ones found in fruit and honey, but chocolate, sweets, etc. I have a sweet tooth, but not so bad I can’t live without it. However, towards the end of the month I caved. I have been working on a new qualification (Exercise to Music) which requires a lot of physical practice, I was super busy, I had a week load of birthdays. All combined meant I did eat much more sweet stuff than I meant to……

Ah well it happens to us all. I have now given up chocolate for Lent (apparently we are allowed it on Sundays), so i reckon I can stick to it. Hopefully I complete my exams next weekend so I can stop the 15 (or more) hours a week of practice.

And on to March – spring will hopefully arrive! And that usually puts us all in a better frame of mind which in turn means we are more proactive and likely to get out to do more. So my challenge is to get out and walk in the fresh air – just for the sake of it – not to/from work, not because i am teaching outside – just down time (my phone will come with me for photos only). I aim to do half an hour 4-5 times a week. Being self employed this should be possible as I have odd hours and often have free time at some point during the day. I will also be keeping up my exercise routine and physio.

If you don’t have quite so much time on your hands – you can always try this months challenge. Give this HIIT challenge a go.