July challenge

Over the last few weeks I have struggled to get back into working full on, keeping up my fitness and hydration and nutrition. I have managed to get into a routine with a good mix of Pilates, weights and running. I am doing what I tell my clients to do – listen to my body! Some days I just can’t do it all, so I may just do a Pilates session (it’s a killer but I feel good and it’s more gentle on the joints). So while this is a good step forward and feels much more balanced, I am still to tackle proper hydration and nutrition.

I do know what I need to do, but being overwhelmed with working at different places, planning classes/sessions and then travelling to and from them, has meant that I have relied on snacking more than I should. So this month is all about getting that back on track – food prep is key! I am confident this will be much easier as I get used to my routine.

If you need a little fitness motivation or if you fancy a challenge with a friend – why not try this.