Hectic but happy

Wow, December has started out busier than if I worked full time! Just as well I completed my challenge!

My month has started with a wedding, it was lovely, fun and a great way to start of the festivities. The following day I had a Christmas lunch (that went on to the evening!), again a lovely do, filled with friends and laughter. So, like everyone at this time of year –  I haven’t eaten the most healthy foods or trained as much, but you can’t fit everything in.

I made up for it when I went away to Ragdale Hall (highly recommend if you’re looking for a healthy mini break), it was so good to go away, I slept well, tried out classes I don’t usually do (core conditioning and beaming were favourites), ate fantastic healthy food (but more than enough to feel full) and enjoyed a few treatments. I’ve come back aching from those new classes, but feeling like I have relaxed enough to prepare for the next couple of hectic weeks of work, socialising and the general Christmas craziness.

The thing I have noticed most, I am hectic, flitting from one thing to the next, but I am happy, and for the first time in years I am able to enjoy all the Christmas fun to the full (in case you haven’t noticed – I like Christmas!). I want to celebrate the build up, see friends, say yes to random invitations and just enjoy the moments.

That said – I have to go to work now!