February fix

So January came and went – what a long month – it felt like it was.  Not helped by the ongoing news that the ‘end’ of the lockdown might be further away, but it will come. Life will eventually return to normal or some sort of normal, but for now we can just keep going forward one day at a time.

So my January challenge was to get out running (failed), work on my Barre Flow (ongoing) and get my steps back up to 15,000 a day (mostly). Not a huge success, however, I have a knee injury and I am still teaching classes so the running has had to wait. I have kept more active so that is good and I signed up for some workshops that also keep me active and busy.

So fro February, I have decided to step away from the fitness goals, I intend to keep active but also let my knee recover. So I am giving up my chocolate fix.

If I can I will do some HIIT because I like that style of training (knee permitting). Why not try this 4-week HIIT plan works strength and cardio each week.