So it has been a few weeks of a developing and scary virus. So many questions and so much is unknown. We are all asked to do our bit, stay inside if you are older, have various long term health conditions, everyone to wash their hands thoroughly and keep your distance. It’s going to be tough for some time.

As a Personal Trainer I am trying to keep moving, exercise helps your mental and physical health. So do whatever you can to create a daily routine, which includes some movement. I will be posting more exercise ideas for you and maybe even home videos via YouTube (along with lots of others). Make sure whoever you follow for your exercise plan that they are qualified.

I am now offering online sessions, classes or 121 sessions, I can see and hear my clients and they can see and hear me too. We are just in the safety of our own home.

Keep working on the monthly challenge and I will have a new one for you in April…..

Stay safe!