All in a days walk

daffsWe have started training for our marathon walk, we initially planned a 14 mile walk on the North Downs, and as Sunday was such a beautiful day we thought our walk would be amazing. Thankfully we all have good humour and a sense of the ridiculous….. As we uttered the words  “we are doing a good pace” we ran into our first hurdle – MUD – and lots of it – in fact we soon realised that was the theme of the day. Muddy wet feet.

After the initial shock of wading through deep mud, we then had to deal with deviations from our route due to path closures (assume due to impassable mud) and that meant a longer route (we completed just over 16 miles in the end).

We climbed fences, waded mud, crossed a dual carriageway (twice) and live train tracks – all in the name of training!

Muddy trainers on their way to the bin!

If you feel so inclined, you can sponsor me and my friends for our Mighty Hike in Aid of MacMillan here.