Acts of kindness

A friend of mine decided to make me her act of kindness for the day, it went a little bit wrong to start with but also highlighted how people can be good/kind/generous every day.

She left a tube of mini eggs on the doorstep of my block (albeit a small block of flats), still, no name, no reason for anyone to leave them there. I didn’t get her message the next day asking if I had received them (I would have sent her a thank you message!), so a few days later (having passed the tube of sweets still on the doorstep), she messaged me again. I was tired and working a late shift, when I saw her message, I felt bad. I thanked her and promised if I had realised I would have mentioned it!

When I got home – there the eggs were, Obviously I was overjoyed I could have a sweet fix after a long day (had been up at 6am to train clients followed by a late shift). Add in hormones. I was very pleased to see them!

Not only did it make me thankful for my lovely friend who had thought of me, but I also liked that all my neighbours, any visitors or any one who had come to the building, had also left them there. Just gave me a happy feeling, people can be nice.

Guess it’s my turn to do an act of kindness for someone now…..