Ab aids

There are so many TV ads promoting various aids to get you the dream six-pack. Most of the time I laugh at them, but I guess people are buying these things….believing that the super-toned person on TV really does use that piece of kit. Maybe they did – for filming, but those toned abs you see are unlikely to be the results of just using the equipment. It takes time and effort….

The bits of kit range from £80 to much higher, why not spend that on some personal training? For the same money, you could have 1-2-1 attention – get your PT to look at your nutrition, put you through your paces in a few sessions and help you plan your own weekly routine. All for about the same price as one piece of kit you’ll probably use once…..

If you’re interested in 1-2-1 or an online 12 week programme contact me for more details.