Why isn’t it working?

If you are trying to lose/gain weight, at some point you’re likely to reach a plateau, where nothing you seem to do makes a difference to the number on the scale. Firstly check your eating, your activity level and also your hydration, being as little as 2% dehydrated can have a real affect on how your body functions.

Be completely honest, have you slipped off your eating plan? Maybe it’s time for another food diary? Or maybe you’ve been too strict and started reducing your food intake? Your body needs to to be fuelled properly, diets can change your metabolism, which in turn can affect your results.

The scale might not have moved for a week or more, but what about your clothes, do they feel looser? Take measurements instead, they not only might show something a scale doesn’t, but they also indicate if you’re losing fat which is more important. The hip to waist ratio is good way to track what’s happening with your body. It’s simple to do and requires only a tape measure.

Try shaking up your eating plan, maybe it’s too strict, also consider changing up classes or gym routines.