What you should ask your Personal Trainer

Taking on a Personal Trainer is an investment, without some proper research it could be an expensive mistake.

They don’t have to just look the part, more importantly, you need to feel some sort of connection – do they put you at ease? Will they help you achieve your goals?

If you’re looking for a new trainer – check our REPs website (registered exercise professionals), for a qualified trainer near you. Before you commit to spending the money, make sure they can back up any claims and that you feel they can deliver for you, If you’re not sure what to ask – here are a few suggestions.

What certificates/qualifications? This will show their commitment to continued development and experience. What motivated them to be a Personal Trainer – hopefully the answer will inspire confidence that they have passion for what they do. What experience/results do they have in helping clients achieve specific goals? Can they put you in touch with previous clients? Or at least have some testimonials for you to read. And also quite key – what training style do they have – will it suit you? If you hate the idea of being shouted at or you prefer that – then you need to work with a trainer that can deliver that.

It can be expensive, but getting the right trainer for you can help you achieve goals quicker, help you learn techniques that you can use on your own and support you if things go awry (which can happen). A good personal trainer is a support to help you achieve your goals with advice and, encouragement.