January blues or time for a re-boot

It’s January, it’s cold, we are living with restrictions still and motivation might be at a bit of a lull. But lets try to focus on some things we can do, diet, fitness, mental health. None of these things need to cost more financially, maybe just time.

Look at your nutrition, eating well will give you energy and help lift your mood. It also means you are more likely to want to exercise, both these things can help improve sleep patterns and adding all these elements together can help you feel better mentally and physically. Start of with small steps, maybe include more fruit/veg and  reduce sugar (don’t we all need to post Christmas), can you tweak your sleep routine, and then get involved in some exercise. Be it simply walking more. Or you can try this four week plan.

Here’s a 4-week workout you can try

Start slowly, don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day, we all do. Look at where things went awry and reset. Make this month a positive one by focusing on your health.