Healthy snack decisions

Most people like a snack, there are conflicting views on if we should or shouldn’t snack. Some people don’t others can’t survive a day without a snack. More importantly, what you eat is key, especially when it comes to snacking. It’s not a meal (which should be balanced), a snack, to most people is a treat item, something to have on the go. Here are a few tips to help you decide if you should have that snack or not!

Will if fill you up? If not, you;re likely to keep on snacking. So make sure you base it around protein and fibre to fill you up (cheese and apple), or nuts (also full of good fats which keep you full). Keep it as real as possible – avoid processed treats which contain limited nutritious value. But make sure it’s something you like – no point having a snack you know is good for you but you don’t enjoy, you’ll just reach for something to give you another mood boost.

And don’t focus solely on calorie content, eating a snack that has valuable nutrient content, is less likely to harm the diet. 200 calories of chocolate and 200 calories of nuts have the same calorific value, but they differ hugely on value by your body and the affect they have on it.

Choose wisely and you can enjoy that mid afternoon snack!