The word diet has become synonymous with weight loss fads and with that, a lot of negativity. The word diet (according to the English Oxford dictionary) is ‘The kinds of foods that a person, animal or community habitually eats’ – and that’s what it is supposed to be, our typical daily food and drink intake.

No mention of no-carb, blood types, times of day to eat/not eat, fasting or any other ‘diet’ you’ll have heard of. So next time you think  ‘I need to go on a diet’ change it to something more positive – for example, ‘I’m going to tweak my daily diet to include some more vegetables and a little less caffeine/chocolate/processed meat’ the idea is to make it a lifestyle change – and for that to happen it has to be realistic so it can be achieved without making life miserable… Yes you can go to the other extreme and ‘eat clean’ ‘raw’ or look into ‘fasting’ but is this realistic for you? Look at your real life (not a celebrity/sports person) and do what works for you and your family.