Compound or isolation?

Two different types of weight training, but which is best? In an ideal session plan, you would have both, the compound as the base with isolation exercises included for more specific training.

Compound uses more than one major muscle group at a time – so anything that includes pulling, pushing movements. Deadlifts, for example, use more than just one major muscle.  A compound exercise is great for building strength and progressing by adding more weight, but technique is key otherwise you could injure yourself, or overtraining may be an issue because you are working so many parts of the body. Another good point, is they save time because you’re training more muscle groups together.

Isolation, is, as it suggests, uses one major muscle group at a time, such as curling, raising or extending, think bicep curl.  Isolation exercises can help develop a particular muscle, but less weight is likely to be used and progress could be slower. It compliments the compound exercises because it allows more specific training in muscles which may not have been used in the compound exercises.