In addition to Personal Training I also teach the following classes at Teddington Pools & Fitness Centre:

Active Living: Formerly Exercise Referral, an assessment is required to attend this class. It is part classroom and part gym based.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Bodytone: A resistance based class using body weight, barbells and free weights. Tuesday 7pm & Saturday 9.15am

Bootcamp: A group circuit based class, partner work, teamwork, outdoors. Sunday 1015, Tuesday & Friday 9.30 (except for Jan/Feb)

High Intensity Conditioning: A burst of high intensity intervals followed by strength/floor work Tuesday 8pm 

Low Impact Conditioning: A low impact aerobic warm up followed by low intensity free weight and body weight exercises. (Aimed at over 55s). Thursday 1.35pm 

I also cover the following classes at Teddington and other venues:



Falls Prevention (requires referral from GP/hospital)

For more details, or to book me for a class please contact me.