Are you eating enough?

Trying to lose weight? Cutting calories? Sometimes counting calories can help – other people prefer to use portion control. Either way, cut back too far and you may find the weight doesn’t come down. Scales are not the only measurement you should take – are you losing fat and gaining […]

Vegan eating

Veganism is something I have been interested in for a while – though not successfully implemented it yet, but maybe I will try it out after reading this interesting feature. It’s not for weight loss but good health, although I would never recommend cutting out any food group (unless you […]

Healthy habits

Sticking to a detox/diet/clean eating plan of any sort takes lots of willpower. And at this time of year it’s even harder… These tips show how a few simple tweaks to your everyday life can make all the difference. A bit more exercise (easy – walking around Christmas shopping!), cutting […]

Weight loss successes

Interesting article on data supplied by MyFitnessPal, it highlights the foods most noted by successful dieters. It is interesting reading, it shows that those who reached their goals ate 30% more fibre. Fibre is key to keeping us full (as well as lots of other benefits), they also ate less […]

Sugar Sugar

I admit I have a sweet tooth. Most of the time I keep it under control…or so I think.. Then I read this, I am sure I (like most of us), have more than I think. This simple 7-day plan helps you focus on where you get the sugar fix […]

What to eat and why

I thought this article was really useful, not only does it show you visually what a healthy weekly meal plan looks like, it tells you why (by legit nutritionists) and it doesn’t require hours of meal prep. With the party season soon upon us, this plan could be a good […]


The rule you hear is 80% diet and 20% exercise to lose weight, but is that right? Well yes cutting out unhealthy options will ensure you are able to lose some of those pounds – but it’s a battle. By adding in exercise you can rev up your metabolism and […]

Cutting calories

Calories are not created equal, the nutritional value of a chocolate bar, sugar-laden latte or bag of crisps, will not do anything good for your body but eating the same amount of calories in eggs, wholegrain toast, spinach or avocado and tomatoes, will offer you protein, fibre and carbohydrate – […]

Reach your goal

Reaching your goal, whatever it may be, can seem impossible at times. This article has some great tips and inspiration from people who set their goals and met them. Everyone has a different method, finding one (or a few) that work for you will help you stay on track until […]

Breakfast time

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, I even have it for dinner sometimes. But, if you’ve had a big night out, skipping breakfast means you can undo some of the over-eating of the night before doesnt it? No! Usually what happens is you end up making unhealthy choices […]

Post-baby habits

Every mum I know will relate to some (if not all) of these points. Trying to get back into your pre-pregnancy jeans can seem like an impossible task when you’re sleep deprived, rushing from one feed, nappy change or appointment. But, it takes 9 months and lot of work for […]

Weight loss commandments

Planning and preparation is part of the process to ensure you reach your healthy weight. Sometimes you need to follow a few guidelines to get you there – have a look at these tips, all make sense and could be handy reminders for when you’re struggling to stick with it.

Lean tips

Who doesn’t love a list? Here’s one that has some very useful tips to keep you lean. Obvious some may be, but are you actually following them? Some more tricky than others (no. 10 for example), but most of them can be added in to your everyday life and it’s […]

Workout nutrition

For people into serious training the nutrition element is really important, this article talks you through, pre, during and post workout nutrition, including supplements.  While supplements might not be something you’re interested in, the article gives a good explanation of what your body needs and the reason why. At the […]

Non-diet diet tips

Sounds good…. Sometimes concentrating too much on what you’re not having makes it even harder, so how about living a healthier lifestyle, improving fitness, losing weight or just improving your general mood as a by product of a few tips that make you feel good? Try these tips and see […]

Skipping meals

The body needs fuel for energy – the source is food. If you skip a meal it means you have less energy and the body has to start relying on sources already within itself. Doesn’t sound too bad, but this video shows what happens the longer you go without food. […]

Protein inspiration

You know you need to eat more lean protein and why….. But sometimes while also trying to lose weight, you get stuck in a rut of eggs, eggs and more eggs – well yes they are a great source, easy, versatile and portable but here are some suggestions to inspire […]

Carb myths

This article (a long read) highlights many of the myths around carbs, explaining why they are myths. Carbs are a macronutrient – one of the building blocks to a healthy diet, the unhealthy aspects are – processed, sugar-laden, nutrient void carbs that we eat as ‘treats’. There is a big […]


So when you’ve hit your fitness/weight goal – what happens? It’s hard to know how to maintain – you’ve spent so long trying to achieve the goal, to finally make it (or at least this goal), you need to learn what to do next – this article keeps it simple […]

Eating post workout

So you hit the gym for an hour, worked hard, and you’re really hungry, but haven’t planned ahead…… You’ve probably made at least one of these mistakes, as highlighted by Women’s Health. . Eating a pre-planned snack or meal (depending on the time of your session) is key, you need […]

Fat loss blunders

I came across this article, yes another one telling us where we go wrong when trying to lose the fat – but it also includes useful suggestions about how to avoid those pitfalls. Simple, useful advice, some of it is obvious, but sometimes the most obvious solutions are the ones […]

Counting macros

If you are interested in nutrition and want to take your healthy eating to another level, then you may have looked into macronutrients – the building blocks of any healthy diet. Counting macros can be complicated, so most people end up focusing on protein (they help repair and build muscle), […]

Weight loss blocks

Easter is over, the eggs have been eaten. Now you’re getting back to your healthy lifestyle, but if that seems harder than usual – or Easter was a good excuse to let go because the plan wasn’t working, have a look at these tips. Some are obvious and well documented, […]

Diet sabotage

We all have those days when healthy eating goes awry. One meal or one day of unhealthy eating isn’t going to sabotage all your good work – unless you let it. However, you might be sabotaging it without realising, a food diary can help you get back to your healthy […]

Eat your fibre

With so many diets on offer and advice, you may find it hard to know what you need to eat, when, how much is enough or too much. Eating a balanced healthy diet ensures your body can work efficiently – fibre plays an important role (as explained here), so make […]

What’s a diet meal?

There isn’t one, a good healthy diet includes everything you need – all your macronutrients in each meal/snack. Some people like calorie counting,, but others prefer portion control, which is hard to learn, but once you can visualise what the correct amount of food is (which will take a while […]

Tip top health

If you’re confused by the ever-changing advice on nutrition, a few myths being blasted might help. Frozen fruit and veg ARE good, they are frozen soon after harvest, which means they retain many nutrients and you can keep them for longer, limiting wastage. Opt for in-season produce when you can […]

Keep the carbs

This old chestnut! Carbs aren’t the enemy, they are one of the key macronutrients in your every day healthy eating plan. Consider the type you are eating…..avoid the sugary sweet ones… Wholegrains, fruit and veg all give you energy (the first choice of fuel for the body) and also include […]

Pit falls and solutions

It’s been a few weeks since all the best intentions were made on New Years Eve, it’s probably about the time where you think it’s just not working. This feature highlights some of the pitfalls faced by anyone on a healthy eating or weight loss plan and – more importantly, how […]

Healthy snack decisions

Most people like a snack, there are conflicting views on if we should or shouldn’t snack. Some people don’t others can’t survive a day without a snack. More importantly, what you eat is key, especially when it comes to snacking. It’s not a meal (which should be balanced), a snack, […]

Top Tips for change

If you really want results you need to make changes, everyone knows it, but it’s easy to underestimate quite how much change is needed. Here are a few simple pointers from Women’s Health which answer a few of the usual questions, such as how long until I see results and […]

Fat Loss

Aiming to torch the fat can be hard work. It’s key to eat and exercise right, without going OTT. In the gym, you need to burn it off, 30 minutes on the treadmill will burn calories, but continuous training won’t really torch the fat. Add in some high intensity training, […]

Workplace eating

Eating healthily at work can be tricky, we’ve all been in offices where birthdays, Christmas, Friday, Bank Holiday etc all become a reason for celebration and usually involve food (and not veg sticks). While the social interaction of these occasions is important for morale and team-building, they can cause contention […]

All in the mind

Mindfulness is a hot topic, but it’s not just about meditation, it can be used in all aspects of life. Ever been to the gym without a plan in mind? Or to the shops without a list? Quite often you end up with disappointing results – but if you spent […]

Body fat vs Weight

One can have an effect on the other, but how much body fat you carry is actually more important than what you weigh. You may have heard the line – muscles weigh more than fat, but that’s not correct, 1lb of fat weighs the same as 1lb of muscle. The […]

Dieting a step too far

It’s January, ads are everywhere for weight loss plans, and you’re on one, but are you taking it too far?  Here are a few pointers in case you are…. Over drinking – water is key to the body, however, water isn’t a meal substitute and won’t give you all the […]

Health & Fitness for 2016

I read an article about the trends for 2016, it’s funny how new trends are just revamped old trends, but sometimes with a bit more sense and science behind them! We’ve had detox, juicing, clean eating, paleo, vegan, mindfulness and so many more, but this feature highlights some healthier suggestions […]

Bored of the diet?

Just over a week of healthy eating and you’re bored? Diet ads are being force-fed to us from every direction and it just makes it seem like hard work. Why not try these suggestions from Women’s Health – tasty ideas to help boost your eating plan. There are some great suggestions […]

Sugar hit

Sugar hits the headlines again, an app devised to help parents monitor how much sugar their child has each day. Do we need an app for that? How can you be sure you have monitored every little bit? Surely food labels do the job and this is just another reliance […]

Make a shopping list

And more importantly, stick to it! If you make a list before you go shopping (and don’t go when you’re hungry), then you’re more likely to avoid temptation. Here are some tips that might help you make some healthier tips. Avoid shopping at busy times (not always possible), but long […]

Hot for 2016

What diet tip will you take on board this year? As soon as the New Year celebrations are over we are inundated with diet tips, the latest trends and what you should/shouldn’t be eating. We all know that creating new habits, especially around this time of year, is hard work. Shape […]

It’s Christmas!

The word sets panic in those following strict diets or fitness regimes! If you’ve followed your plan with the odd cheat day then you’re unlikely to ruin your hard work in one day! Christmas day is a day for appreciating all that you have and part of that is often a […]

Emotional eating

There have been many articles about how to lose weight, eating right, getting some more exercise, willpower are all highlighted and are obvious factors, However a recent study showed that only 1 in 10 people connected the emotional eating as a key factor. We eat to sustain life, however, we also […]

Protein for breakfast

Whatever your goal, lose weight, gain weight, build lean muscle. Start your day right with a protein-packed breakfast. If you aren’t a breakfast person, try to at least get a protein snack in the early part of your day. Why? because protein keeps blood sugar levels stable, it makes you […]

Why isn’t it working?

If you are trying to lose/gain weight, at some point you’re likely to reach a plateau, where nothing you seem to do makes a difference to the number on the scale. Firstly check your eating, your activity level and also your hydration, being as little as 2% dehydrated can have […]

Falling off the plan

It happens, you’re going great, you’re achieving the small and medium term goals, you are in line to achieve the main goal, but then it goes wrong, a bad day/week or a night out which leaves you tired and craving a sugar and caffeine fix. And at this time of […]


Goal setting means you’ve decided on a course of action you want to take and how you are going to get there. It can be done with friends or family or with professional help – Personal Trainers do it with clients for fitness, and the same rules apply for your […]

The cheating game

Should you plan in a cheat meal/day? That depends on the kind of person you are – some people can have one piece of chocolate, a cake or a few crisps, cheese or whatever your guilty pleasure is and others can’t. Depriving yourself of your favourite treat – whatever it […]

To snack or not to snack

Snacking, some experts think we should, others say not to. As with so many things in life, one size does not fit all. Ultimately, it’s food in versus energy used. The ideal is a perfect balance of the two, altered only to help you lose/gain weight/muscle. The real question is […]

Doctor in the house

There was a recent interview with a Doctor (promotion for his TV series), which highlighted a really good point. Instead of seeing people for 10 minutes at a time, where he could be asked the same questions about the same issue – such as diabetes – by a lot of […]

Social media

There are pros and cons to social media – in general – not just for nutrition, there is good and bad/positive and negative information out there. There are so many apps offering their services to help you achieve whatever your goal might be, it’s easy to get sucked in and […]


You will undoubtedly have heard about metabolism and that it can affect your body. It’s true definition is. The physical and chemical processes that occur inside the cells of the body to maintain life. Seeing it in black and white, perhaps that makes its’ importance more obvious. Exercise and diet […]

Calories or Portions?

So often there are debates on calories counting versus portion control. Isn’t it a case of both? If you know what a healthy portion looks like then that’s great, but is it that simple for everyone? Counting calories to start with might be time consuming, but it will help you […]


The word diet has become synonymous with weight loss fads and with that, a lot of negativity. The word diet (according to the English Oxford dictionary) is ‘The kinds of foods that a person, animal or community habitually eats’ – and that’s what it is supposed to be, our typical […]