Here’s a great circuit for anyone, it’s based on the idea of getting hiking ready….for those who are only used to gym or flat terrain. Why not give it a try, just to vary your own workout – or set yourself a goal to train towards a real hike.

Reach your goal

Reaching your goal, whatever it may be, can seem impossible at times. This article has some great tips and inspiration from people who set their goals and met them. Everyone has a different method, finding one (or a few) that work for you will help you stay on track until […]

12 week taster

Here’s a taster of something from my 12-week programme, why not try it this week as part of your usual routine and if you’d like to see more. you can sign up here. Upper body: Beginner: 8-12 repetition. Intermediate: 12-16 reps. Advanced: 16-20 reps. Rest 30-45 secs and repeat another […]

Fat-busting Tabata

Tabata workouts are quick, simple but very effective. Here’s a few ideas that may surprise you! The bike, treadmill or swimming can work if you are at the gym, but so can high knees, mountain climbers or box jumping (or step) and they can be done at home. Mix it […]

Lean tips

Who doesn’t love a list? Here’s one that has some very useful tips to keep you lean. Obvious some may be, but are you actually following them? Some more tricky than others (no. 10 for example), but most of them can be added in to your everyday life and it’s […]

Try this 30-day challenge, adding in some weights (and cans from the cupboard will do) can make even a short workout valuable. Give it a try. Remember to work at your pace and progress as you feel ready, don’t over do it! Enjoy!

Strength moves

How about hitting the gym for a quick weight session, it could help you lose fat and gain strength, that means lean muscle – which looks good on the outside and means you carry less fat on the inside. Start off slowly and build up as your strength increases. Take […]


If you don’t feel like you’re achieving those fitness goals, it could be that something away from the gym that is hurting your progress. If you are following your plan, your form is good, and you are mixing it up enough to keep your body guessing, then maybe you need […]

Summer holiday workout

If you’re planning a spring/summer break soon – try this video for some inspiration.  As with all workouts, warm up and cool down, and only work at your own level – change exercises if the ones suggested are too hard you right now, or hurt you. Feeling sore the day […]

Fitness motivation

Working out can be hard – even for the most committed! There will always be a day when you want to skip the gym – sometimes that’s not such a bad thing, rest and recovering is important, but so is staying on track with your goals. To keep motivated you […]

Workout nutrition

For people into serious training the nutrition element is really important, this article talks you through, pre, during and post workout nutrition, including supplements.  While supplements might not be something you’re interested in, the article gives a good explanation of what your body needs and the reason why. At the […]

What is a portion?

Counting calories was always seen as the key for managing a healthy balanced diet, but like all health and fitness news, something else always comes along to change our thinking. Portion control now being used as the way to keep your meals and snacks under control. Ultimately it’s what works […]

Cardio complete in 30 mins

No equipment or gym membership needed. Why not get outside in the sunshine (take water), maybe get some friends along, set a stopwatch and off you go! Less than 30 minutes and you’ll have done your cardio for the day. Repeat 3 times this week (more if you can). Adapt […]

Non-diet diet tips

Sounds good…. Sometimes concentrating too much on what you’re not having makes it even harder, so how about living a healthier lifestyle, improving fitness, losing weight or just improving your general mood as a by product of a few tips that make you feel good? Try these tips and see […]

Tabata session

Just 20 minutes is all you need for this workout. If you can’t complete all these exercises change them to something similar – just keep moving in the work period and rest when you’ve completed them. Try to complete it 2-3 times this week. Enjoy!

What’s the difference?

If you’re unsure of what counts as circuits and intervals or you’ve never heard about pyramid training methods, this simple guide can help you create your own short exercise routine – which can be done anywhere. If you’re stuck for exercise ideas – try theses: Cardio: skipping (with or without […]


So when you’ve hit your fitness/weight goal – what happens? It’s hard to know how to maintain – you’ve spent so long trying to achieve the goal, to finally make it (or at least this goal), you need to learn what to do next – this article keeps it simple […]

Eating post workout

So you hit the gym for an hour, worked hard, and you’re really hungry, but haven’t planned ahead…… You’ve probably made at least one of these mistakes, as highlighted by Women’s Health. . Eating a pre-planned snack or meal (depending on the time of your session) is key, you need […]

Time out

There are times when a work out should be put off or a different work out tried instead of the usual hard session. If you’re unwell, exhausted from lack of sleep or injured, then you need to take some time out – working your body hard in any of these […]


If you’ve been near a gym, you will have heard about progression, if you had a programme written for you or have had personal training you’ll also have heard about progressive overload.  Terms which could seem terrifying if you think that means you’re suddenly going to be lifting seriously heavy […]

Not just about abs

Most of us know we need to work our abs or more precisely our core. Abdominal muscles aren’t just to make us look great, they are part of our core – which as it sounds – is the core of our body, think about a tree – the trunk has […]

Weight loss blocks

Easter is over, the eggs have been eaten. Now you’re getting back to your healthy lifestyle, but if that seems harder than usual – or Easter was a good excuse to let go because the plan wasn’t working, have a look at these tips. Some are obvious and well documented, […]

Bounce back after a break

Or maybe you have been injured, unwell or just overtrained and needed some rest. Recovery is key to build and repair muscles and to ensure you are ready for the next hard work out If you’re just recovering from a hard work out – you can keep active even on […]

Working effectively

We are constantly being told in our day-to-day lives to work efficiently, at home and at work the need to achieve more in less time can be stressful – but sometimes means we are more efficient. Take that into your fitness routine and use these tips to help you be […]

Beginners strength training

Ladies, still scared weight training will make you bulky? Weights won’t do that, but if you’re still not convinced, this article might help you see the benefit of strength training using your own body weight – includes a routine for you to try out. Give it a go. Creating a […]

Spartacus workout

Here’s something to challenge you for this week. !0 exercises – 1 minute each, with minimal rest. If you can’t do these (because you haven’t got free weights), adapt it to suit you – just remember to work the full body – legs, back, chest, arms, abs. Pick two exercises […]

Gym shy

If you’re just starting out, have been away for a while or maybe just moved – going to a new gym can be intimidating. Or maybe, you just hate the idea of them! But you don’t need to worry – most people are too busy focusing on themselves to notice what […]

Cardio calamities

If you’re spending hours on end in the gym or pounding the pavement, yet you still don’t seem to have reached your goal, maybe you’re making some of these mistakes. Not fuelling up – getting up and out there is a great way to start the day and to make […]

Workout without weights

If you aren’t a fan of free weights, but don’t know how to make your workout a little bit harder, try this workout. This set of exercises will help you progress from simple bodyweight programmes, we all need to change our usual routine to see results, doing the same thing […]

Breaking up with goals

As you know, goal setting is seen as an important part of reaching your desired outcome. But what happens when they don’t seem to work? There are various reasons – some may not be in your control, a crisis at work or home means the routine goes awry or an illness […]

Fit tips

There are hundreds/thousands of ‘fit tips’ from the advice your mate gives you to social media, some better than others… These 10 tips are what I think works… Simple straightforward advice so worth reading it, but the short points are: Effective workouts – make a focussed plan Be consistent – keep […]

Toned legs & bum

Who wouldn’t want tones legs and bum – it’s the most frequent request from clients. Well here’s a little treat. A week of workouts you can do at home, one for each day. Take a look over the weekend and get started on Monday! 

Top Tips for change

If you really want results you need to make changes, everyone knows it, but it’s easy to underestimate quite how much change is needed. Here are a few simple pointers from Women’s Health which answer a few of the usual questions, such as how long until I see results and […]

Fat Loss

Aiming to torch the fat can be hard work. It’s key to eat and exercise right, without going OTT. In the gym, you need to burn it off, 30 minutes on the treadmill will burn calories, but continuous training won’t really torch the fat. Add in some high intensity training, […]

Injury free training

Most regular gym goers will have been injured at some point, either by overtraining and straining a muscle or accidents in the gym with equipment or other users, most of the time they are minor incidents and after a bit of rest a full recovery is made. But you can […]

Core strength

Most of us want a flat stomach because it looks nice and makes us feel good. But a strong core supports the entire body and makes an active healthy lifestyle easier. Why? Because your core – is that – the core of your body and that is more important the […]

Flexible friend

Stretching is an important part of any work out, attending regular yoga or Pilates classes is a great addition to any fitness routine – whatever your goal. But the stretches you do pre and post workout are also key to looking after your body. Trends change, years ago ballistic stretching […]

Boost your workout

Feeling a bit bored with your workout? Or feeling like it’s not working quite as well as it did? What about changing the intensity and how you plan? Simple changes like music (create a new soundtrack) or planning a workout in a different order could be all it takes. What […]

Health & Fitness for 2016

I read an article about the trends for 2016, it’s funny how new trends are just revamped old trends, but sometimes with a bit more sense and science behind them! We’ve had detox, juicing, clean eating, paleo, vegan, mindfulness and so many more, but this feature highlights some healthier suggestions […]

Keeping up your fitness

When you start out on any fitness plan it’s hard to keep motivated, especially if you are new to it. These tips should help you keep on track. Booking in your sessions – and sticking to them! It can take a while to make your 3/4/5 weekly trips to the […]

No time for exercise?

When time is tight, fitting in exercise seems like a push too far. But, 20 minutes can be enough – if you do it right, whatever your fitness level.  Try these suggestions for a quick workout. For the non gym-goer – walk for 10 minutes at a consistent pace (to […]

From good to great

  Whatever your starting point, your new to the gym or redefining goals, here are a few tips aimed to help you get the best out of your workout.  They may seem simple, but could make the all the difference. Goal setting – new or revised. If you don’t know […]

It’s Christmas!

The word sets panic in those following strict diets or fitness regimes! If you’ve followed your plan with the odd cheat day then you’re unlikely to ruin your hard work in one day! Christmas day is a day for appreciating all that you have and part of that is often a […]

Compound or isolation?

Two different types of weight training, but which is best? In an ideal session plan, you would have both, the compound as the base with isolation exercises included for more specific training. Compound uses more than one major muscle group at a time – so anything that includes pulling, pushing […]

Rest and recovery

It’s great to workout regularly, and if you’re training 5/6 days a week, then you need to make sure you plan in some time for the muscles to recover – which is often why split routines are helpful, because it allows your muscles 24-48 hours to recover. There are other […]

Weights or Cardio

For some weights are a way of life and cardio is less of a focus for others it’s the other way around. We need both, male or female. A good training plan will incorporate both. Weights can be part of a cardio routine but for beginners it’s better to split […]

Party season

It’s the season to be jolly, but not if you are keen gym goer, all the extra socialising (and with that eating/drinking etc) can play havoc with the usual routine and for some, that can mean falling off the fitness train and struggling to get back on it. So plan […]

Hitting a wall

This has to be the most frustrating part of any fitness plan. Hitting a wall or plateau.  You are doing all your planned sessions, but are you eating well, sleeping enough and pushing yourself harder? Pushing too hard can be as bad as not pushing hard enough. Think about changing […]

Split routines

There are many parts of the body to work out, if you’re weight training, splitting what bits you work means you can do shorter and more intense workouts, a simple split would be lower one day and upper the next, rest and then repeat, but you can split into smaller […]


If you’ve been training hard for any length of time, you would expect to have seen progress, which is motivating and encourages you to keep going. The problems can start when you no longer see the results you expect, even after increasing the reps/volume. This could be one of the […]

Pre-Post workout fuel

There are many protein bars, shakes, snacks geared towards gym goers, suggesting they hold the necessary nutrients for pre or post workout refuelling. For the most part, they contain lots of sugar, are expensive and for most of the population are not required. Yes, if you are an athlete, you […]

Any workout will do?

You’ve probably heard sayings like – any workout is better than no workout, or, no workout is a bad workout. Not strictly true. Yes, in theory working out is better for you than not, even if that session has to be cut short – hours of endless weights/cardio isn’t necessary, […]

Machine v Weights

If you’re new to the gym all the equipment looks scary, not helped when you assume everyone else in the gym knows what they are doing – or so it seems. Machines look confusing, but once you’ve mastered what bits move, and you can get into the right position, they […]


Ever had a day after the gym when you can barely move part or all of your body without groaning? Yep that is DOMs. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and it means your body worked hard. That’s good, but it also means you need to rest the sore part – easier […]


You will undoubtedly have heard about metabolism and that it can affect your body. It’s true definition is. The physical and chemical processes that occur inside the cells of the body to maintain life. Seeing it in black and white, perhaps that makes its’ importance more obvious. Exercise and diet […]

Weights for women

Lifting weights will make me muscular – I don’t want to look like a man. Errr, ladies, you won’t. Why? Because you don’t have enough testosterone in your body. Yes, there are women bodybuilders who have incredible physiques – but they are training and eating in such a specific manor […]

Food is Fuel

Looking for performance gains? Trying to maintain, lose or gain weight/muscle. Then look at your nutrition – working hours on end in a gym won’t do you any good. Yes you need to work hard if you want to change your body, but if you don’t have the right fuel […]

Find your fit

Welcome to my fitness page! Fitness isn’t just about what you do in the gym, it’s in every day life – the walk in the park, to the shops, DIY, gardening. All these things (and many more) require a certain level fitness, and we can always improve! This page will […]