Find your fit

Welcome to my fitness page! Fitness isn’t just about what you do in the gym, it’s in every day life – the walk in the park, to the shops, DIY, gardening. All these things (and many more) require a certain level fitness, and we can always improve! This page will […]

Band workout

Add to your basic workout with a band. The best thing about this piece of kit is that it doesn’t take up much room and it doesn’t have to cost much either. The band enables you to strengthen muscles without adding in to much resistance, ideal if you are a […]

Bodyweight workout

It’s January, resolution time of year – and for many, that means getting into a fitness regime. If you have had a couple of weeks off, coming back from injury/illness or a newbie, bodyweight workouts are a good place to start. This one takes about 30 minutes.  Don’t forget to […]


Skipping is great fun, reminds us of our childhood, except skipping seemed easier then! This is a great workout which also includes some strength moves. If in doubt, just skip, there are variations that might be too tricky, so just keep it simple and add in the more complicated moves […]

Boxing circuit

This is a great workout if you want to avoid jumping or any impact on the knee. Combining standard circuit moves such as tricep dips, planks and boxing drills, this will keep you working hard but is kind on the joints. Give it a go!

30-day HIIT challenge

See May in with a strong high intensity cardio challenge. Make sure you warm up before and that you stretch after. If you haven’t done any workouts like this before then take it steady and build it up. High intensity training is amazing but it’s not for those new to […]

30-day spring challenge

It’s officially spring, if only the weather would play ball! So lets get ready to lose a layer or two of clothing, which may mean you need a challenge to help you feel ready for showing a little more flesh than usual. Try this 30-day challenge to get into shape. 


One of my favourite classes to teach is Bootcamp, this plan lets you set your own version up at home, if the sun is out why not get into the garden or park with some friends – do some exercises as a team to keep motivated. If you don’t have […]

Abs & back

I enjoy a core workout, the whole core that is – back and abs are really important as they hold you upright and back pain is so debilitating so make sure you look after yours by strengthening it. This workout can get you started… 

Glute work

Strong glutes are important for everyday life and for developing your strength and power in training – whether that is for running a 5k or a marathon, a triathlon, a hike or achieving a personal best in the weights room. Poor activation of these muscles could cause other problems such […]

Cardio Ab circuit

If you want to get your cardio, strength & core done in one workout, this circuit could be for you. Build up as you feel able, increasing weights and duration/repetitions as you start finding it easier. Working out should be fun and leave you feeling worked but not wrung out! […]

January challenge

It’s going to be hard to get back to your fitness routine after Christmas and New Year celebrations, so how about starting with a simple challenge like this, working on those glutes. Add in some cardio, walking, cycling or swimming, take part in a new class or get an updated […]

Two years on…..

It’s been a full two years since I changed my career to become a fitness instructor, people told me I was brave, but I didn’t really think about it like that. It just seemed to be the right time to do it. So what have I learnt…… The first few […]

Merry Christmas workout

Tis the season to be jolly, so instead of a very structured workout, why not try a game with your mates and won’t take hours! Fit this in over the Christmas holiday to keep some of those extra pounds at bay…. 12 exercises of Christmas: Sing on the song, on […]

At-home workout

Time is precious, at this time of year even more so, so why not add this at-home workout into your day, it will be easier to get it done if all you need is a spare few minutes – no travel to the gym and you can always break it […]

Walking to fitness

Sometimes all you need to get a bit fitter, maybe even lose a few pounds, are a pair of trainers and a path, whether that be in the park, along a river or just around the block. This walking plan can get you fit, try it with some friends – […]

Glute workout

This is perfect if you have limited space – you just need to get on a floor and work those glutes! Add this in to your routine, glute work is ideal for any of you who want a toned behind in that party dress, or if you are training for […]

Party season challenge

It may seem a bit too early, but believe it or not, we are rapidly heading towards party season, so lets get party ready with this little black dress 30 day challenge. Notice I didn’t actually use the word beginning in C and ending in mas… But if you are […]

30-day challenge

I love a wall sit, so thought this challenge would be perfect to work those summer legs and bum and core. to keep yourself busy how about hold some hand weights and try front raises, side raises, bicep curls. Get the benefit of working many muscle groups and seeing some […]

Toned up

Toning up is a phrase every Personal Trainer will hear…. It means something different to each person, usually women want to look lean but are nervous of weights.. don’t be! read more here. In the meantime start your ‘toning’ challenge by following this workout as part of your weekly routine.

Kettlebell workout

If you have access to kettlebells at your gym, you could try this out. Make sure you learn the technique. The work comes from the glutes, hamstrings core – not your back! If your back hurts then stop! Maybe get a gym instructor to show you before you start using […]

Ab workout

These ab exercises are ideal for those who may find getting down onto the floor tricky, making them suitable for almost everyone. The workout shows weights but a resistance band could do the same (just tied to a rail/door handle. Why not add it into your weekly routine!

Box away the blues

This box/kickboxing session will not only give you a cardio blast but boxing can really help you blow away the blues or stress (and who doesn’t get stressed – work, family, Christmas shopping, queues, traffic jams – I could go on). Enjoy!

Healthy habits

Sticking to a detox/diet/clean eating plan of any sort takes lots of willpower. And at this time of year it’s even harder… These tips show how a few simple tweaks to your everyday life can make all the difference. A bit more exercise (easy – walking around Christmas shopping!), cutting […]

2-in-1 fitness

This routine is great for when you are short on time – a total of 4 rounds will be only 30 minutes. PLUS it offers cardio and weights in one workout. Some of the moves may be a bit advanced if this is your first time, make sure you can […]

Circuit training newbie

If you have never been to a circuit style class before, these pointers might highlight why you should give it a go. Note – they might not be called circuits anymore but HIIT, Bootcamp or Tabata all have the same thing in common – they are effectively a circuit. It’s […]

3-minute blast

Perfect way to end a session A 3-minute blast – simple exercises that will make you work hard but for only three minutes.  It’s also a perfect blast for when fitting in any kind of exercise seems impossible! Read through the feature to make sure you understand any variations, watch […]

Core challenge

We all need to keep our core strong, as it sounds – it’s the core of our body, like a trunk for a tree, and if it becomes weak it causes all sort of problems with our posture and ability to carry out everyday tasks. Here’s a great addition to […]


The rule you hear is 80% diet and 20% exercise to lose weight, but is that right? Well yes cutting out unhealthy options will ensure you are able to lose some of those pounds – but it’s a battle. By adding in exercise you can rev up your metabolism and […]


Squats are a girls best friend! Not only will they get you that toned bum, they can help you lose weight (because as you probably know strength training boosts your fat burning potential) and did you know they can help you run faster, and generally help in everyday life. One […]

30 days of Tabata

Four weeks of Tabata training….. If you like your workouts short, but aren’t sure how to change it or progress it, then this 30 day challenge is for you! Enjoy! Just remember to pace yourself if you haven’t trained like this before.


Here’s a great circuit for anyone, it’s based on the idea of getting hiking ready….for those who are only used to gym or flat terrain. Why not give it a try, just to vary your own workout – or set yourself a goal to train towards a real hike.