Hello and welcome!

Thanks for stopping by my website and visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy putting it together. I decided some time ago I wanted to start a blog, just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. Then I made a major […]

December challenge

It’s party season, there are not enough hours in the day, so how do you fit in any kind of workout? Well how about intervals – it doesn’t have to be crazy High intensity (HIIT) sessions, but you can build up to it, just work at a level that feels […]

November challenge

October challenge was great, I swam, ran and cycled (spinning classes) every week and I really enjoyed it. I am planning on keeping this routine up as it offers a balance of high and low intensity workouts that can fit in around my next challenge. November, is going to be […]

October challenge

September challenge ended a week early with over 400 lengths completed (10km). I celebrated with a hair cut and colour! And then decided my next challenge would combine the last two and add in a little extra. So for October, I am completing a triathlon a week – not that […]

September challenge – swimming

So August was a tough challenge, I completed it, but with illness, family commitments, work, plus weight training sessions and teaching classes, running 40 miles over the month was a real challenge. I did enjoy it, most of the time. I plan to keep on running just not as many […]

Halfway point

So June challenge was about core work, mostly did it, but I found it hard to keep at the mobility/stretching stuff so that needs working on! We all have something that just doesn’t come to us as naturally as other things. All that means is I need to focus on […]

June – halfway house

Successfully completed my challenge or resolution for May – having done little or no running for a long time, I set myself the task of running a marathon throughout the month of May. First few days were fairly easy at 1 mile at a time, then, work and other stuff […]

April – May challenges

Every month I am setting up a new challenge for myself, I read about this idea on twitter – someone said they would do monthly resolutions instead of trying to stick to one resolution for a year. It inspired me to do the same. So far I have.. attended a […]

Jan-Mar challenges

So it’s been a few months and I have succeeded in my monthly resolutions or challenges, I am already into my plans for April and May, more on that another time. Here is what I have been up to. January – successful tried out Barre class and now attending most […]

Working and fitness

I was recently interviewed by a local media company, they create some great promotional videos for ATP Tennis, one of them was about the players very tough training regime. Not everyone can or needs to train the same way as a pro, but they asked me how does the average […]

January blues or balance

It’s January, how do you see it? A grey, dull month with no money, nothing to look forward to or as a fresh start, a time to make goals and reassess where you were a year ago. Or maybe it’s a bit of both. That’s balance, and I think that’s […]

Two years on…..

It’s been a full two years since I changed my career to become a fitness instructor, people told me I was brave, but I didn’t really think about it like that. It just seemed to be the right time to do it. So what have I learnt…… The first few […]

Winter blues

Fed up of winter yet? Thankfully there are signs of spring – flowers, lighter mornings (even at 6am) and longer evenings. Hopefully that also means the cold bugs are also going to disappear. I am sure everyone has (at least once) had a cold over the winter, this year it […]

The January message

Are you as fed up as me by the number of weight-loss ads out there…it’s always the same, November and December we are encouraged to get out and party – eat, drink, spend etc.. Then along comes cold January, the festive time is over and here come the weight loss, […]

New year resolutions

Happy New Year! Have you made any resolutions? I haven’t, yet… So I have been asking other people about theirs. At first everyone trots out the usual stuff, lose weight, get fit etc etc but they are so big and unspecific that it’s almost impossible to stick to. Instead I […]

Ab aids

There are so many TV ads promoting various aids to get you the dream six-pack. Most of the time I laugh at them, but I guess people are buying these things….believing that the super-toned person on TV really does use that piece of kit. Maybe they did – for filming, […]

Teaching & Learning

I taught my first structured classes this week, seeing my name on the timetable was exciting, but what if I wasn’t any good in a class situation? Everyone gets nervous their first time at anything……so I expected to feel anxious, I didn’t expect to feel so excited! And I really […]

Autumn is here

I think that summer is still here – it’s just hiding a bit more, I don’t mind Autumn, but it does mean we naturally do less outside or perhaps need to push ourselves a little more to keep active. If you’re struggling with motivation, why not sign up to my […]

12 weeks…..

It’s 12 weeks until the Christmas party season kicks off! Why do I know that? Well, I have been busy working on a new project – my 12 week exercise programme, to get you ready for the festive season. Over the 12 weeks I will send out exercise plans, suggestions […]

What a day

After completing another challenge, I am yet again looking for my next one! Though I am taking some time out… I took part in the Mighty Hike and I would highly recommend trying one of the 10 walks around the UK going on this year. Or next year. We walked 26 […]

Unusual weight loss tips

I came across this article, while I am not sure all the tips will help your weight loss, it might help you feel happier and take a balanced approach to your diet plan. Worth a read and a think…… All in moderation I think is the best message this piece […]

All in a days walk

We have started training for our marathon walk, we initially planned a 14 mile walk on the North Downs, and as Sunday was such a beautiful day we thought our walk would be amazing. Thankfully we all have good humour and a sense of the ridiculous….. As we uttered the […]

Easter holidays

It’s another time of year when meeting up with friends and families usually revolves around eating and drinking more than you would usually. As with Christmas, I think people should enjoy the few days when (for some) they are not working and able to relax, have fun and over indulge. […]

Couldn’t resist a challenge

After completing my walking challenge last year (and however many others I also took part in), I decided not to do any more for a wile…..Until this week,  I have once again found myself excited to try yet another challenge. A group of us are taking part in the MacMillan […]


I read this article which made me chuckle, I am pleased to know I am not the only fitness trainer who surprises people with my food choices sometimes…. And I agree with this feature. I have noticed how people confide in me with their daily eating habits or look at […]

Acts of kindness

A friend of mine decided to make me her act of kindness for the day, it went a little bit wrong to start with but also highlighted how people can be good/kind/generous every day. She left a tube of mini eggs on the doorstep of my block (albeit a small […]

Learning when to say no!

This week is already a blur – and it’s only Tuesday! I have signed myself up for too much work, which means fitting in anything else in is almost impossible! I have been as organised as possible – preparing meals ahead of time, having two bags ready so I can […]

Bad press

While in the gym the other day the news headlines came on the local radio channel. I was bemused and irritated in equal measure, the headline suggested that working hard in the gym wouldn’t necessarily help shift the Christmas excess weight. I was amused because I (and a number of […]

Happy February

I’m happy to see February – it’s a step closer to spring, there are lots of birthdays (in my family) which means celebrations and fun to look forward to. And of course, the days start feeling like they are actually getting longer. I’ve also completed my latest little challenge – […]

Work life balance

The last few weeks seem to have been a whirlwind, coursework, exams, work and also a lot of fun. This week I have learnt about gin, drunk some of it, made my own gin (which friends are going to sample) and been to the theatre. I have really enjoyed January […]

The power of a nap

I never thought I could get into napping, since making changes to my life, I have discovered the joy of naps (admittedly I always liked them as a child). There is research to back up the positive effects of taking a nap in the day. The key is to limit […]

What a week! Diploma complete!

A hectic week, completing my Personal Training Diploma, which involved a lot of concentration, paperwork and assessments. It was good fun and a real sense of achievement to complete all the modules (except for one final practical assessment – booked for a couple of weeks). I met some lovely people, […]

Good intentions

Have you noticed how many programmes, adverts and how much noise about dieting there is out there. More than usual I think (or so it seems), friends commented to me the other day how they had also noticed it. Does it make you feel more under pressure? Especially if you […]

New year – new you?

I have decided not to make any new years resolutions, except to stop being so tough on myself. I am completing my Personal Training Diploma, which will enable me to help more people in the longer term, I am trying to build up my business as well as work – […]

New Years Resolutions

Now that Christmas has passed, it’s time for New Years resolutions, I don’t make them every year, sometimes they seem like just another thing to add on to a long to-do list. As much as I love a list, I also like to know I can achieve everything on it! […]

Happy Christmas

I’ve finished my shopping, I’ve wrapped presents AND delivered cards (for some reason I usually end up with at least a few undelivered). I think I am ready for Christmas now…. The week of Christmas is lovely, generally people are wishing eachother well, I love it when strangers say Happy […]

Exercise for better sleep

I read an article recently that recommends 150 minutes of exercise a week to aid sleep. Since lack of sleep has been shown to be hugely damaging to our health, not just because we can’t function as well, our concentration level drops considerably. It also is shown to cause is […]

Fitting it all in

I seem to work on the basis I have more hours in my day than anyone else…. I know this because my friends are bemused by my ability to fill a day especially when I am not working, and, because I struggle to fit it all in and if/when I […]

Festive snacking

As you have probably gathered by now, I like this time of year. So I am always pleased when I can change my snack or cheats to festive ones, here are a few ideas for you. I love a nakd bar join them on twitter and #findyourfavourite. I love this Christmas […]

Obesity hits the news (again)

Isn’t it sad that we have to keep reading and hearing stories about the obesity crisis. The obesity word is used as a headline to grab attention, which isn’t always helpful and sometimes means the story behind the headline gets missed, much like this mornings headlines.  Dame Sally Davies makes […]

Hectic but happy

Wow, December has started out busier than if I worked full time! Just as well I completed my challenge! My month has started with a wedding, it was lovely, fun and a great way to start of the festivities. The following day I had a Christmas lunch (that went on […]

1000 miles complete

So pleased to have finally completed my 1000 miles, the goal was before Christmas, but then I realised I was so close during November that I moved the deadline to November 30. The last few days meant long walk – 8-9 miles a day, quite tough going, some days the […]

The impossible dream?

I recently started training a client, who has shown great improvement, whether she notices or not, it’s there to see, and while I may be helping her on the way, it’s her hard work, and commitment to following the training and eating plans that is making the difference, despite her […]