Back to healthy habits

Had a good break? Feeling rested? Now is the time to plan your return to healthy eating and fitness, maybe you’ve decided on a new goal or training plan. Or you’re new to any of this, starting out slowly is key – over do it and you’re likely to end up injured, fed up and demotivated.

If you’ve eaten any and everything (hard not to with all the tempting treats on offer everywhere you go!), then plan to cut back over the next few days. New Years Eve is just around the corner so a strict diet is unlikely to happen – so don’t set yourself up for a tricky task, you need to prepare, plan and ensure you have SMART goals set before you get started.

Keep it simple, look up the gym class timetable, as a little extra motivation might be needed at this time of year, or get friends out for a walk to catch up, make a meal plan for the next few days, making healthy choices ensuring you cover all the main components (macros) but don’t stress if you can’t stick to it – this is just the warm up, a little preparation now, will get you a step ahead in January when everyone gets on the health kick.